Stand Up Paddle-SurfStand Up BoardTouring 14'0'' GTW

Touring 14'0'' GTW

Naish Surfing 2020

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Who is it for?
Touring is for any paddler who wants a board for cruising, exploring or general fitness.

What does it do?
Touring provides excellent stability and effortless glide with added versatility with cargo inserts.

Why is it unique?
The Touring board takes performance characteristics from our raceboard development and applies them to a more stable and user friendly platform.

Fast and easy to paddle, the Touring 14’0” GTW is built for adventure. At 14’0”, the Touring provides the best possible
glide without needing a complicated steering system to maneuver it.
The rocker is optimized to get the most glide out of every stroke which conserves energy and allows you to paddle farther. A slightly recessed deck and flat bottom section in the stance area also enhances the overall stability. The displacement hull-shaped nose slices through all water conditions, ensuring easy and smooth drive, even in choppy or windy conditions. Another advantage of this shape is its large sweetspot and for and aft stability, making it accessible for paddlers of all ability levels.
For those who wish to explore further or get a bit of fishing in, the Touring also features cargo plugs on the nose and behind the stance area to attach additional accessories and supplies for whatever your adventure may require.
Complimenting the board, the Touring comes with an MFC Weedfin which has an optimized angle to avoid tangling or getting stuck with aquatic plants and offering maximum directional stability.
If you want to see what lies beyond the next bend or point, the Touring is ready to take you.


Model Length width Thickness Volume
Touring 14'0" X 30'' 14'0'' / 426.7cm 30"/76.2 cm 6 1/4"/15.9 cm 320L