Stand Up Paddle-SurfStand Up BoardRace Open Water Carbon 12'6''

Race Open Water Carbon 12'6''

Indiana-Sup 2018

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Shaped by Andi Widmann, these brand new open water race boards are perfect for rough waters and windy conditions. The capacity of these boards, as well as the V-shape located in the rear underwater surface, mean you can surf the swell downwind, or take part in a beach race and ride the waves as they surge towards the shore. At 25 inches in width, these swift boards provide you with enough stability to maintain control even in rough waters. The 12'6 is an official race board and is used by the Indiana team riders.


Length: 12’6 | 381 cm • Width: 25’’ | 63.5 cm • Volume: 260 L • Weight: 11 kg • Est. Rider Weight: 70-110 kg

Range of Use:
Allround ●OOOO
Yoga/Fitness OOOOO
Tour ●●●●
Race ●●●●●
Surf ●●OOO

Paddler Level
Beginner OOOOO
Advanced ●●●OO
Professional ●●●●●

Material: EPS Foam, Carbon, Fibreglass, Epoxy • Construction: Carbon Sandwich Production Technique: Vacuum Bag Lamination • EVA Pad: Crocodile Skin • Fin: Carbon 9.5’’ Race Fin
Includes: Board Bag • Shaper: Andi Widmann • Produced in: China