Stand Up Paddle-SurfStand Up BoardDownwind Ocean Race 14'0''

Downwind Ocean Race 14'0''

NSP 2016

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This board is for the paddler keeping a constant eye on the wind charts. If your idea of the perfect day is a white-capping ocean or bay and you want to railroad the bumps for as long as possible this is your board. Super forgiving with a high volume nose design, you can go over or around the bump in front at will. Ocean surfing on wind bumps and ocean swells is a dream! The flattened deck allows maximum movement to get back easily in big, steep conditions. It also surfs amazingly well in breaking swells. So if you need to get out through or come back into the surf zone this board is more than capable.


Model Length width Construction Volume Weight Fin
DC Downwind Ocean Race Elite 26'' 14'0' 26'' Brushed Carbon 292Liters RTM 9" Hatchet
DC Downwind Ocean Race Elite 28'' 14'0' 28'' Brushed Carbon 326Liters RTM 9" Hatchet
DC Downwind Ocean Race Epoxy 26'' 14'0' 26'' Element Epoxy 277Liters RTM 9" Hatchet
DC Downwind Ocean Race Epoxy 29'' 14'0' 29'' Element Epoxy 293Liters RTM 9" Hatchet