Stand Up Paddle-SurfStand Up BoardSurf 10'0''

Surf 10'0''

NSP 2015

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The NSP SUP Surf series is designed with in-surf, on wave usability and surf style performance in mind. For days at the beach, the local point breaks, sand bars or reefs – the NSP Surf Series has you covered.
All boards feature a pulled in tail for maximum manoeuvrability in all surf conditions, and a wide forward point for efficient paddling, stability and fast, controlled wave entry.
The bottom features a little extra flip in the nose and a true single to double concave, helping generate speed from paddling and take off, and smooth flow from turn to turn. The design migrates into a vee bottom, with some rocker lift through the tail – allowing smooth and agile transitions from rail to rail.
With a five fin configuration right out of the box, the set-up options are there for you to exploit. If it’s the drive and hold of a Quad, the more traditional, highly responsive Thruster – or the speed and simplicity of a good old Single. Let the conditions and your feelings decide the ride set-up for the day.
The surf series is available in a range of sizes from 8’0” (SoftSchool) and then 9’2” through to 10’6” to suit your surfing style and skill level, and we also have a special hybrid style addition to the range – the 9’8”.
More about the 10’0” and 10’6” Surf SUPs:
The NSP 10’0” and 10’6” Surf SUPs are larger, performance orientated wave riding boards. Designed for experienced paddlers looking for more volume and float, the curvy outline makes a stable board that carves and cuts-back beautifully in the surf. Additionally, lightweights can easily use these as all-around designs. Includes EVA deck with integral carry handle.


Model Length width Construction Volume
Surf 10'0'' 10'0'' 32'' Cocomat 157Liters