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Bullet 12'6'' DF

Sicmaui 2020

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Downwind | Performance Fitness | Touring
The BULLET (DF) 12'6'' x 28.5'' has truly become a classic and both defined and dominated downwind and fitness/touring for years.
The Bullet has won SUPConnect awards for Best Board Overall and Best All Around Board and won accolades from Men’s Health and Outside Magazine to mention a few. With this kind of legacy we had to take extra time and care on this newly designed Bullet to ensure that this updated shape was a significant evolution from its predecessors.
We kept and fine tuned the design starting with the rocker line which is similar to the back end of the Bullet v2 but with more nose rocker more closely related to the original Bullet v1 and F14. We added a similar nose and volume as the Bayonet which recovers extremely well when the board does poke. The deck shape sheds water quickly. The widened chisel tail and the squared up rails with forgiving under-tuck handle exceptionally well in side chop, side slipping into an ocean swell, and surfing waves as well as providing additional rail-to-rail stability. We added a slight convex to the bottom nose section to mitigate nose slap when paddling head to wind.

The BULLET (DF) 12'6'' x 28.5'' handles any condition even better than its predecessors while being faster, more stable, forgiving, and more durable.


The BULLET (DF) 12'6'' x 28.5'' comes standard with:
- Dragon Fly (DF) construction: full oak wood veneer wrapping the core - tip-to-tail / 360-degree rail-to-rail wrap,
- 7.0’’ Weedless 3K Carbon fin,
- EZ-Grab handle
- Bungee tie downs
- Leash plug
- Gore-Tex™ breather vent
- Action camera mount on nose
Ideal user weight: 200 lbs/90.7 kg

TECHNOLOGY: Dragon Fly (DF) construction
The DF construction with a full oak wood veneer wrapping the core - tip-to-tail / 360-degree rail-to-rail wrap replaces SIC’s former TWC construction and takes strength and durability to a whole new level. This construction offers durability at a very economical price. The board is wrapped glass and with the full wood wrap on the rails replaces the need for Innegra™. These boards are also molded for strength and shape consistency..

Model Length width Volume Fins System Construction Weight
Bullet 12'6'' TWC 382cm 28.25'' / 72cm Single Fin 266 L DRAGON FLY 29.1 LBS / 13.20 Kg
Bullet 12'6'' SF 382cm 28.5'' /72cm Single Fin 266 L SUPER FLY 25.5 LBS / 11.3Kg