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Kode Freewave

Starboard-windsurf 2018

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Winner of the 2017 PlancheMag test, the Kode FreeWave is our fast wave, freestyle and freeride cross-over board. Each size is designed to ride in either thruster fin setup for more maneuverability and grip or single fin configuration for speed.
The smallest size (86) is delivered with a set of thruster fins that combines a MFC TF 19 center fin with Drake Natural Wave 11 side fins for a blend of speed, grip, maneuverability and stability in all conditions.
The bigger sizes (94, 103 and 109) are delivered with the new MFC FreeWave single fin for more speed, more directional stability and earlier planing.
A reference and a favorite in the freewave segment.
The Kode FreeWave have all-new shapes across the range for 2018 that are on average 3 cm shorter for extra maneuverability, control and a more compact feeling. New double concave distribution adds crispness, comfort through chop and extra grip in the turns.


The Kode FreeWaves are available in three technologies: Carbon Reflex, our Flax Balsa construction and our new Carbon L.C.F. technology designed for the lightest weight but also the lowest carbon footprint.
At 86 kg of CO2 emissions for a 117 liter board, Carbon L.C.F. is our most environmentally-friendly board yet, using bio resin and our exclusive end-grain Balsa sandwich core instead of conventional PVC.

Flax Balsa is an innovative technology using natural flax fibres to add stiffness instead of carbon fibres, combined with an end-grain balsa bottom sandwich and a recyclable PET foam deck sandwich.

Model Length width Sail Range Weight (Carbon L.C.F.) Weight (Flax Balsa)
Kode FreeWave 86 229 cm 59.3 cm 4.0m² - 6.0m² 6.50 kg 6.60 kg
Kode FreeWave 94 230 cm 61.3 cm 4.5m² - 6.5m² 6.65kg 6.75kg
Kode FreeWave 103 231 cm 65 cm 5.0m² - 7.0m² 6.90 kg 7.00 kg
Kode FreeWave 109 231 cm 66 cm 5.5m² - 7.5m² 7.10 kg 7.20 kg