Stand Up Paddle-SurfStand Up BoardSUP Racing 14'0'' Puma DC 14'0''

Puma DC 14'0''

NSP 2017

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The flat-decked NSP Puma boards are the most versatile ‘all-round’ raceboards of the range. Easy for any racer to paddle, with enough different widths to suit every level. The Puma features a spoon bow design that allows the board to ride up and over the bumps and waves with ease. The 14’ x 26” and 14’ x 29” carbon designs have more rocker in the front making them ideal for down-winders, waves and open ocean conditions.Target weight 13.69Kg +/- 6%

100% biaxial carbon deck
100% unidirectional carbon rails
100% Carbon Innegra tail reinforcement
Bamboo reinforced standing area
Goretex valves
Thermoform EVA pads (4mm)
Inserts for GPS, GoPro, trip computer
Light weight race nose handles
Surf 10 fin base
NSP fin 24