Stand Up Paddle-SurfStand Up BoardSUP Racing 12'6'' DC Flatwater Race 12'6''

DC Flatwater Race 12'6''

NSP 2016

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Racing in rivers, lakes, canals and inshore waterways is growing. This design features a flatter rocker with a narrower version of the signature rounded nose. The recessed deck, lower centre of gravity and forward wide point mean you can go narrower than ever while maintaining stability. The forgiving nose and narrow tail make it perfect to be able to ride any bump that pops up while maintaining maximum efficiency. Travis Grant rides both the 12’6 and 14’ Pro Carbon models, and won at St. Maxime, Majorca and Hood River during 2015 using this very board (14’x23”).


Model Length width Construction Volume Weight Fin
DC Flatwater Race 12'6'' 12'6'' 25.5'' Brushed Carbon 259.2Liters 11.6 kg 9''fiberglass hatchet
DC Flatwater Race Pro12'6'' 12'6'' 24'' Pro Carbon 245Liters 11.0kg 9''carbon hatchet