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Rush V

HQ-Powerkites 2015

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The all new HQ Rush 5 (V) has been re-designed for even more performance. The ease of use has also been improved.The HQ Rush V (5) is relaunchable with a simple tug on one line after a crash to rebound.
The small but perfectly formed package comes with a bar control system and can be used as part of your kite surf training on land or for people wanting to learn the basics of kite handling with the idea to progress to kite surfing or snow kiting.If the kiter gets into trouble – simply let go the bar and the kite will fall to the ground with no power when used with the Rush Wrist Leash Safety System.
The HQ Rush 5 (V) Trainer 200 and 250 are perfect starter kites for children (under proper supervision) and the HQ Rush 5 (V) 300 trainer is ideal kites for all board-sports that use a bar, giving you smooth user-friendly power to develop your kiting technique. With its simple construction bridle construction and low aspect ratio, the HQ Rush 4 (IV) is an easy kite to control and comes complete and ready to fly!
If you have never flown a kite and want to fly one without the hassle of difficult control!

Easy handling – very easy to control.
Constant Power – making it easy for those less experienced to get going. After steering the kite down into the wind – you dont really need to work the kite because it keeps pulling with constant power.
Stability – a very stable foil so you are not focusing on keeping your kite in the air, but simply having more time for pure fun!
Low Aspect Ratio for easy handling and predictable flying behaviour
Specially designed new profile with a relatively strong pull over a large segment of the wind window.
Very Smooth and Stable flying characteristics – making the HQ Rush V very easy to manoeuvre and fly.
Durable constructions with reinforced profile and sewn bridling.

HQ Rush 5 (V) for recreational use: The HQ Rush 5 (IV) is great for skidding and jumping and is a great way to getting used to flying kites. When steering the HQ Rush 5 (V) in medium winds, you will start to feel the pull of the kite. Don't run forward when the kite starts pulling, just lean back and slide on your feet!


Comes complete with:

HQ Rush 5 (V) Power Kite
HQ Rush 5 (V) Dual Dyneema Flying Lines
HQ Rush 5 (V) Control Bar
HQ Rush 5 (V) Redesigned triangular bag pack